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How to make double wall glass cup and Glass teapot?

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How to make double wall glass cup and Glass teapot?

Our glassware material is Borosilicate Glass Tube. Maybe you can know they other name : Pyrex Glass or Heat-resistant Glass.

It is special glass and really different with normal glass. This glass is very thin and easy to make into many style on hot mould. They can put on fire or gas oven directly and do not worry about they will broken. Because,this glass with 3.3 extension rate which is much lower than normal glass 6.0 extension rate. It means, this glass will much stable on high or low temperature situation. The Temperature from -30℃~700℃ is available.

You will know our double wall glass cup or teapot will be safe on Microwave oven and Dishwasher.

Let us introduce the production process on below:

1. Heating---As the first step in making a piece of glass is to heat the glass tube.Our glass tubes are made of borocilicate glass with 3.3 extension rate.The worker put the tube on the fire that is fueled with gas until the tube soften.

2. The worker put the soften glass tube into the mold. Depending on what sort of piece the worker wishes to make. The glass tube may be shaped by different graphite mould.

3. A pipe is connected with the glass tube, when the worker to blow the pipe, the softened glass tube expend in the mould and become the same shape as the mold.

4. The worker burn the glass tube to cut the superfluous glass tube down from the shaped piece by turning the glass tube.

5. The finished piece is placed carefully in special annealing oven called a lehr. This is so the glass can be baked at the same temperature. The glass is left in the lehr about two hours and then to wait it become cool.

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